Kharees Osma

Intern Analysts Advisor(Rank 3)


This is your manager back at headquarters. The one who gave you your quests and who handles any of your advancement through the ranks.


Starting out as a local militia at a young age, Kharees was always prodigious with any melee weapon he could get his hands on. When a band of hobgoblins attacked all seemed lost. Most of his men were dead and he was alone against waves of hobgoblins. Thinking he was dead for sure he charged into the mass of yellow flesh, intending to die honorable fighting. Odin would be proud.

Outnumber and injured he kept fighting, eventually going down to one knee when a spear pierced his armor. A final blow never came. The Hobgobbies started to flee! Three heroes had come to save the town. A dwarf waded into the mob and was cutting down hobgoblins with ease, a human wizard was firing spells into the mass, fireballs coming so close they almost hit his ally. Kharees was help to his feet by a bald human cleric who healed his wounds and together they fought off the raid.

From that day forward, Kharees was a man of Acquisitions Incorporated, though and through.

Kharees Osma

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